Digital Signs That Sell and Upsell

Entertainment sells, video advertising works, those are givens. RXI’s  unique combination of digital sign technology and award winning videos brings that selling power directly to the TV screens in your place of business. Want to know more? Watch our video.

Still curious? Read on…

What do we mean by Content Integration and Networked Media? We work with you to determine an effective creative strategy that exploits the entertainment value of our award winning video content to engage your customers. They receive your internal advertising and promotional messages with a receptive mind.  A cloud-based distribution network schedules ensure that the con tent displayed on every screen it is appropriate and up to date.ave T

If you have TV screens in your venue you are showing commercials for the networks and cable operators. With Power Messaging you can show your own commercials as well.

What is unique about Power Messaging? RXI uses award winning videos from the RadXSports  cable TV show and web series to attract and hold attention. Unlike most tech providers, we are a content-first company.  We are creative integrators who understand how technology works but are always mindful that content is king, and that’s out strength.

Samples of Power Messaging and RadXSports Videos on YouTube

How do we work with you? Every deployment we undertake is customized to the business installing our systems. Our video content is right for you  if your customers participate in the active lifestyle or enjoy viewing videos from that world. We offer a full audio / video service that can be inserted into an available channel on your cable or satellite system. This is designed for multi dwelling units like hotels, town house, apartment, and condo units. Any place television is delivered over a network for people to watch and listen to TV works!

We also have a video only service designed for public spaces. Ideal for bars, clubs, restaurants, lobbys, lounges or any other environment where TV sound would only add to the noise. Specially crafted videos convey messages in images and text – no talking heads that make no sense without sound or closed caption blocks.

We also design systems integrating private and public spaces and outdoor displays. These fully realized media environments focus attention on your business in a powerful new way, which is why we call it Power Messaging.